NAD is a strongly innovative natural anti-bacterial nano-dressing, targeted to primary wounds medications, in particular chronic ones. The absolute novelty of NAD consists in a bio-mimetic nanostructure of the material, able to mimic the ECM of the human body (extracellular matrix), thus fighting bacteria effectively and reducing the need of manifold applications, costs, frequent necessity of hospitalization, and qualified assistance to patients. NAD is a CE mark class IIb sterile medical device.

NAD is patent pending worldwide (WO2016059611) in Europe, Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Russia, South Corea, India, South Africa, Singapore, Mexico, Israel, China, Canada, USA and Malaysia.

silk fibroin nano dressing

Compared to traditional or competitor dressings NAD:

  • can be used paired to any medication or therapy, ensuring a perfect integration;
  • is easy-to-use and safe-to-use for all patients, even infants;
  • does not need recursive medical supervision during the treatment or blood test;
  • is much more safer if compared to antibiotic therapy (no resistant strains of bacteria);
  • does not induce sensitization;
  • does not induce allergic or inflammatory reactions;
  • ensures a high efficiency due to an high ratio between the contact surface and the volume of dressing.
silk fibroin nano dressing

Main applications:

  • Chronic wounds (diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, etc)
  • Dehiscent and post-surgery wounds
  • Burns

Main features:

  • NAD acts as our body does. Due to its multi-layered structure, NAD ensures a moisture reservoir in order to avoid the wet-to-dry effect and to promote the healing process. Due to its bio-mimetic nanostructure, NAD is able to simulate the ECM of the human body (extracellular matrix) thus bacteria will interact with it and will be removed with every change of dressing.
  • NAD reduces pain during dressing. Due to its silk fibroin nanostructure it does not stick to the wound surface, facilitating the removal at each dressing change. Pain is reduced avoiding the classic “tear” that usually put at risk the healing process and cause pain.
  • NAD reduces direct health costs. Its use (even extended) does not require typical follow-up visits and blood tests to monitor the level of absorption of substances and the condition of the patient. This has a tremendous positive impact on cutting direct costs of the health system.
  • NAD is fully bio-compatibile. It is entirely made up of silk fibroin and does not cause any inflammatory or sensitization reactions.
  • NAD does not absorb the active ingredient or generic drug of eventual simultaneous medication avoiding subtraction from the wound.
silk fibroin nano dressing